Lithium Batteries Restrictions

When carrying spare lithium batteries for your Drone, then these items must be carried in carry-on baggage. If your carry-on baggage is removed from the cabin and stowed in the hold you must declare such items before removal.

It is forbidden to carry on board an aircraft damaged, defective or recalled lithium batteries or devices. If a damaged, defective or recalled battery or device is noticed to have been carried inadvertently on board an aircraft, the passenger concerned must keep the battery or device turned off, protect it from accidental activation (also disabling any features that may turn it on), keep it on their person, and not charge it at any time. Immediately inform the cabin crew when a device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost, or falls into the seat structure. 


Your drone may in the checked in Baggage, and also in the Carry-on baggage, if it fit in the standard measurements of Carry-on baggage. It is not allow to put a lithium battery in your drone. Always use a protective case or bag. The connectors must me taped to prevent for electric shocks.