Lithium batteries

Whether a lithium battery can be carried by air or not depends on its configuration and either watt-hour (Wh) rating (for rechargeable) or lithium content (LC) (for non-rechargeable).

Use the following table to determine if your battery is acceptable:

Smart baggage

Qatar Airways has specific restrictions in regards to the transportation of ‘smart baggage.’

Smart baggage devices often have:

  • A lithium ion battery power bank that charges electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops
  • A lithium ion battery that is used for a stand up scooter or sit on vehicle
  • Bluetooth, radio frequency identification and Wi-Fi capability
  • GPS tracking with or without GSM capability
  • Electronic baggage tags
  • Electronic locks
  • Self-propelled baggage

Smart baggage equipped with a permanently fixed (non-removable) lithium battery is not allowed as ‘carry-on’ or as ‘checked baggage.’

Smart baggage equipped with a removable lithium battery can only be accepted as checked baggage if the battery is removed. The removed lithium battery must then be carried on board by the passenger and must remain in their hand baggage. 

If your smart baggage is brought on board as a carry-on, the lithium battery must remain in the baggage. When transporting, measures must be taken to prevent unintentional activation and to protect the device from damage. The device must be completely switched off (not in sleep or hibernation mode).

The rules above do not apply to smart baggage equipped only with lithium button cells.